Jump Conference 2015

In April 2015 we had our very first Jump Conference! We welcomed Rachel Turner as our main speaker as well as a host of great seminar speakers who spoke on a range of topics. On the day we had about 120 people gathered from across Scotland, all with a passion for children’s ministry and Christian parenting, which was so encouraging!

Here’s a look at the seminars we had last year – if you would like to take a look at some great children’s worship songs, as recommended by Lisa Lyall, please visit this page.

Praying with Children (Rachel Turner): “Helping children connect with God heart-to-heart is central to our role as children’s leaders and parents. Come explore easy and practical ways to help our children feel confident in connecting with God in their everyday lives.”

Your Best Holiday Club Ever (Tim Raynes): “What goes into making a Holiday Club not just good but AMAZING!? Whether you are a holiday club first timer or a seasoned pro – come with bags of excitement and ideas for sharing and borrowing!” Listen again by clicking here!

Nurturing a Small Ministry (Lisa Lyall): “Lisa is the Children’s Pastor at AoG Central in Fraserburgh and has been involved in Children’s Ministry for over 20 years. Having started a kids club with 9 children attending for the first couple of years ‘Kids-No Limits’ now reaches hundreds of children weekly. Lisa will share what she has learned over the years, keys that have helped to make a small ministry as effective as possible. This seminar will inspire and equip you to believe for greater things in your children’s ministry.” Listen again by clicking here!

Reaching Families in Your Community (Jo Hood): “After years of observing mainly music, used by many churches to connect with young families in the community, Jo will present key observations of how to be more strategic. You’ll leave inspired to go deeper and wider with your platform, purpose and posture.”

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour (Rachel Turner): “We have all experienced difficult behaviour in our groups. How can we love all our children well, disciple them in self-control and channel their energy so that our groups are safe, flourishing places for all?” Listen again by clicking here!

Embracing Children with Additional Support or Learning Needs (Steph Brock & Grace Doris): “Ministry with children with additional support or learning needs doesn’t have to be considered a ‘specialty area’ of church life, nor is it an option for only some of us to develop. We are all called to love and embrace all of God’s people, and doing it well takes less training than you think. If you are looking for practical ways to support a child with these needs in their experience at your church, this is the session for you. We will spend our time together looking at different ways of engaging children of differing abilities, do some brainstorming of issues, and share ideas for good practice.”